Dive Bar Trail is your guide to the best dive bars in the USA. This site offers a database of current establishments with many highlighted as Dive Bars. This is a community effort and we ask for your help in designating if a bar is a true “Dive”. Simply select the bar and nominate it for Dive Bar Trail Status. Some bars are already designated and show you much more information on their history and offerings. Explore the area in which you are traveling and select a list of dive bars you want to visit.

The mapper will then optimize your route to each bar. Make sure you check in and help promote that bar upon arrival.

Dive Bar Trail features:

  • Listing of over 25,000 potential dive bars.
  • A mapping system that will route your trail upon selection of your stops.
  • Select bars offer the Dive Bar Trail Patch program. Collect as many as you can by obtaining one from each bar you visit.
  • Select Bars offer exclusive specials and enhanced listing of their history, menus, etc.

Dive Bar Management/Owners:  Claim your bar and select the program in which you want to participate. Please find more details of the special patch program on the primary menu bar.

Dive Bar Patrons /Users:  Sign up and start posting reviews/ pictures about the dive bars you
visited. Setup a favorites system of bars you been to and bars you want to see- Bucket List Bars. Sign up is on the primary menu bar.